Our prices and have no competition. At TEGEL LAMINAAT, we have the laminate you are looking for your home

To give a new life to the rooms of your house, it is not adequate to change the furnishings and paint the wall space. The floor performs an important role inside the rooms; it will always be sparkly and not used to enhance the design.

When the flooring is worn down by the continual passage of men and women or is scratched and opaque, it is time to take into consideration changing this and putting in a new laminate. In TEGEL LAMINAAT we have the solution for which you are looking for.

At TEGEL LAMINAAT we offer the best materials that may give you the durability and opposition you need. Our own laminates will stay intact with all the passage of time and will not shed color, illumination, and beauty.

We have laminates with wood coatings of different measurements and vintage and modern day designs. We manufacture linens of 8-10 mm, A dozen mm and further large from prices which range from € 8.Fifty to € 12.50 for each square gauge.

The quality of our laminates is good to withstand the transit of men and women through the rooms without deteriorating their appearance. We produce bedding of class AC3, AC4, and AC5, which are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and passages of your home. We have AC1 and AC2 regarding other areas of the home.

Our laminate tiles, in a variety of colors and sizes, including Traventin, finished in rock and concrete, give a large amount of elegance and distinction to every room. The expenses per rectangular meter are from € 9.92 to € Fourteen.95.

You will find there’s variety of greater than 200 picture models, coating for floor heating and also baseboards to provide protection to the walls. All of us work with the most effective European brands and restaurants in the market including Balterio, Berry Alloc, Tarkett, Kronotex, Pergo, Elesco, Kronoswiss, and others.

We offer the best way forward, in our event of A few,000 sq . meters within Karperweg 14, 1317 SN, Almere you can also contact us by entering the TEGEL LAMINAAT website https://www.laminaatoutletalmere.nl/s/laminaat/tegel-laminaat/.

There get ready to enjoy all our models and smoothness, so you can alter the floor of your home and enjoy renewed and vibrant environments, using the best materials. Do not think regarding it anymore and place new ground!