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In July of this year, 2011, this site turned fourteen years old. In those years it became a major means for people, literally all over the world, to keep in touch with their friends, families, alma mater, and their hometown of Greenfield.


Unfortunately, in those fourteen years the technology that made it possible also led to its demise. The need for sites such as this has been replaced with the growing popularity of social networking technology like Facebook and Twitter. People who share something in common can now connect with eachother in ways and immediacy not possible with the format of a site such as this.


Viewership has lessened to the extent that I can no longer justify my time nor go on charging my sponsors for their continued support. My own interest and activities have also changed. I no longer get to town enough to keep abreast of the news and have become more interested in authoring political commentary and other genre than reporting on local happenings. I don't want my political views to be compromised by having to be sensitive to my sponsor's wishes or best interest.


With this in mind, I am regretfully deactivating this website while at the same time keeping it online to protect the archival stories and history of the area we've reported on over the years. The URL will remain active and if you enter it into your browser you will be brought to this index page containing links to archival information and a link to my updated blog, Chapman's General Store at www.lechap.com.


I want to thank all of you who made use of and helped spread the word about the site over the years and to all those businesses who supported my efforts. It's been a great ride but there remains more options than ever to keep in touch with the people and community of Greenfield.