This page contains a wide variety of post cards, photos and other items from our community's past. 

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In June of 2005, Bob Watts made a presentation to the Greenfield Historical Society regarding McClain High School's winningest team ever. Back in the early 1940s McClain's baseball team made it to the state semi-finals in three successive years; 1940, 1941 and 1942. No other McClain in any sport has equaled this accomplishment. There are still several surviving team members including. Bob Davis and Paul Orr. Those where able, including Don Grate, were Grand Marshals in the 2005 Wheels of Progress Festival Parade. 

mhs 1940s baseball members.jpg (77397 bytes)

      L-R: Bob Davis, Bob Watts, Paul Orr
mhs 1940 baseball team.jpg (224978 bytes) mhs 1941 baseball team.jpg (161880 bytes) mhs 1942 baseball team.jpg (163411 bytes)

McClain Tiger Basebal, 1940, 1941, 1942

Regarding Greenfield's former Mom and Pop grocery stores I received the following information and photos about Skeen's Grocery:
Hi there...
I happened upon your web site while reminiscing about Greenfield, and was reading the section about mom-pop grocery stores. I was about to say you are missing Skeen's Grocery.... when there it was! Now it is a house huh? Amazing.
Well... Ed Skeens was my great grandpa.... he and his son, Roy Skeens owned and ran the store. Well my grandpa Roy did in the evenings because he used to work for the Waddell Company. My grandma, Katherine got involved with the store for a while till she got sick.
I found these old pictures.... of the outside..... and the a couple of the inside showing grandpa, and then yours truly getting his retail experience. The store was remodeled sometime in early 69... the inside pictures are of the remodeled store. I have no outside of the remodel. I cannot remember when Ed died.....but Grandpa Roy passed in 1983.
Enjoy these as I did your web site.... 

Stephen L. Glaze, 

skeens_2.jpg (50131 bytes)  skeens_1.jpg (61102 bytes)  skeens_3.jpg (52657 bytes)  skeens_4.jpg (34214 bytes)

Roy Skeens, Stephen Glaze and Skeen's Grocery in the late 1960s.

mitchell bus card.jpg (46161 bytes)

I purchased some fishing equipment at an auction and came across this business card. I'm sure it will bring a nostalgic smile to some of your faces. Mitchell's is no longer in business having been purchased in 2004 by McClain grad, Jason Unger. Mitchell's began as an ice house in the alley behind 7th and South Streets and sometime in the 1950s expanded into sporting goods. 

Greenfield fire station in the early 1900s. After new building was constructed in the 1960s, the building was used by the Greenfield Area Life Squad. It has since been torn down.

greenfield_fire_dept_early_1900.jpg (15419 bytes)

dr_borreson_glasses.jpg (16094 bytes)

Eye glasses from the office of Dr. Albert Borreson. Dr. Borreson served the community for many years during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. His office was located on the corner of Jefferson and 6th Streets.

Greenfield Hospital in the 1920s. City owned and operated municipal hospital housed in a large brick home on South St.

greenfield_hospital_1920s.jpg (14646 bytes)

waddell pinball game board.jpg (38846 bytes) Among the many products manufactured by The Waddell Company were these pinball game boards. waddell pinball game label.jpg (26314 bytes)

Click photos to enlarge.

tapatco horse pad ad.jpg (52481 bytes)

An advertisement for E.L. McClain's horse pad. 
american pad textile b.jpg (54606 bytes) american pad textile.jpg (35084 bytes)
Post cards of the American Pad and Textile Company. Originally founded by E.L. McClain to manufacturer blankets and collar pads for horses. The company went on to manufacturer outdoor clothing, camping equipment and during WWII life boats and vests for the US Government.

greenf1.jpg (30299 bytes)

Besides Tapatco's (American Pad & Textile Company) Greenfield plant the company also had plants in Chillicothe, Ohio and Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Here is a letter from their Canadian plant. Click photo to enlarge.

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postcard of tenters.jpg (40701 bytes) us shoe bldg 1951.jpg (37912 bytes) ja_harps_mfg A.jpg (28512 bytes)
Greenfielders on a camping trip in 1912.

U.S. Shoe factory in 1951.

Receipt from the J.A. Harps Manufacturing Company. They manufactured the "Never-Fail" oil can.


This winter (2002) we ran a series of articles about Greenfield's "Mom & Pop" grocery history. Quite a few folks responded with interesting remembrances of the roles these small neighborhood stores played in their past. Unfortunately, I suppose, most all have been relegated to history's closet. Here are some photos of how these store building appear today. Click photos to enlarge.

mompop rooks.jpg (39945 bytes) mompop ernie beechlers.jpg (45491 bytes) mom.jpg (54253 bytes) mompop grates.jpg (42320 bytes)
mompop knisleys.jpg (47652 bytes) mompop orebaughs.jpg (51755 bytes) mompop skeens.jpg (44383 bytes) mompop wolfe.jpg (35536 bytes)

Other stores mentioned by visitors included the Harry Edwards store on North 5th. Street, Tom Flynn's on the corners of South and 7th. Streets, Joe and Jack Flynn's store next to the Peoples' National Bank, Collins' in the alley behind Blake's Coffee Shop, The A&P Store on Jefferson Street and Evay's on Jefferson Street. I'm sure there were others and if this jogs your memory let us know by email.

This 1960 photo of Edwards' Grocery on N. 5th Street was submitted by Rufus Cox. Sitting on the double-deck bicycle is the Edwards's son, Donnie. Click photo to enlarge.

edwards grocery.jpg (68193 bytes)

Pete Rhonemus, owner of Pete's Grocery on South Washington St. Notice the Pennington Bread sign on the door. (Photo provided by his grandfather Michelle.)

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The Dunlap Pony Company was founded in 1905 with 1,100 acres in and around Greenfield. The company specialized in the raising of Shetland ponies and at one time their herd numbered about 600 head. A sales office and several barns once stood at the corners of Edgewood and Spring Streets. Dunlap ponies were known throughout the U.S. and Canada and Houghton Mifflin once published a children's book, A Child's Life on a Pony Farm, based on the Dunlap farm. The farm was sold off when real estate values made it more profitable to sell.


Post card (circa 1918) soliciting votes in the "Great Dunlap Pony Contest". Winner receives a pony, cart and harness from Greenfield's Pony Land.
Greenfield_Pony_Land.jpg (33345 bytes) Greenfield_Pony_Land_2.jpg (36373 bytes)
Here's a second "contest" post card from Greenfield's Pony Farm. "Rastus, the Boss Hostler of the 300 Ponies in Pony Fairyland, Greenfield, Ohio." Advertising text on back for the businesses participating in the contest in Portland, Indiana: Cincinnati Store, Dry Goods; D.M. Hutchins, Furniture; Mark & Furry, Meats; Hutchens Bros., Groceries; Reber, The Candy Man; Auto Inn, Automobiles; L.G. Holmes & Son, Feeds; Phil Stachler, Jeweler; Thomas & Huey, Bakers; Yount & Ewry, Plumbing; W.H. Hutchens, Groceries; Cline & Wilt, Lumber; The Crystal Theatre, Pictures; Reinhard & Nichols, Clothing.  ponyland post card.jpg (33197 bytes)
Ponyland weston wv front.jpg (51414 bytes) Here's yet another set of cards concerning the Dunlap Pony Farm. This time the sponsoring merchants were located in Weston, WV.

ponyland weston wv back.jpg (57330 bytes)


Various street scenes from Greenfield's past. By the automobiles and the dirt streets these are obviously from the early 20th. century.

Greenfield Big Log.jpg (28011 bytes) jefferson st 1915.jpg (33849 bytes) Greenfield Residences.jpg (47504 bytes) greenfield street scene 1917.jpg (46604 bytes) street scene 1919.jpg (38910 bytes) greenfield_street_scene_A.jpg (30696 bytes)
city_building_1908.jpg (27098 bytes)
Greenfield City Building, 1909

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peoples nat bank letterhead.jpg (39167 bytes) highland county bank 1910.jpg (21151 bytes) Peoples_Bank_Post_Card.jpg (39493 bytes) greenfield 10 dollar bill.jpg (148112 bytes)
Letterhead from The Peoples' National Bank (circa 1914). Savings bank from the Highland County Bank, Greenfield, Ohio. Post card from the People's National Bank. Ten dollar bill issued by the Peoples' National Bank.

parade 1910 A.jpg (88243 bytes) parade 1910 B.jpg (27448 bytes) parade 1910 C.jpg (23287 bytes)
Click photos to enlarge.
At one time I had individual, and larger, cards of these scenes. Hopefully I can locate them in my photo files. First Methodist Church in 1916, American Pad and Textile Company in early 1900s, Greenfield Municipal Hospital in 1923 and Edward Lee McClain High School in 1918.  collage_of_post_cards.jpg (37367 bytes)

Post cards from Bainbridge, Ohio promoting the "good fishing" to be had. The top card seems to be of largemouth bass and the bottom, to me, appear to be trout. I wasn't aware that we once had a trout population in this area. Anyone know?

bainbridge fish.jpg (155250 bytes)

Seip Mound 1940s.jpg (58629 bytes)

Bainbridge's Seip Mound  Park in the 1940s. Part of the Skyline Drive Loops.

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I found this ad on the Internet.

General's Life Preserver
General D.E. Aultman's Life Preserver. This life preserver appears to be a navy issued type. It is blaze orange with "GEN. D.E. AULTMAN" stenciled across the lower back. The tag in side reads "FIBROUS GLASS LIFE PRESERVER", Manufactured at American Pad & Textile Co., Greenfield Ohio, Date: October 1955. Preserver is VG-EXC. condition. Price $20.00 + $6.00 S&H.

Barrett's General Store.jpg (78850 bytes) The landmarks of our area are rapidly disappearing. Harry Barrett's general store certainly served as an institution in the Rainsboro area. Long since closed, the building is used for storage today.

waddell coffee grinder.jpg (47707 bytes) Wood box mill by Waddell Woodenware Works, Greenfield, Ohio. Designed to hold a full pound of beans in the top 'airtight' hopper. Original label indicates that this mill was made during a time of transition. Reads "Formerly Numbered --- "Very similar to the Sun model 1080, I believe Waddell designation was A-8. This grinder retains its original finish which has been lightly cleaned, but not scrubbed or stripped. Click photos to enlarge.

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The J.A. Harps Manufacturing Company at the corner of Lyndon Ave. and Fifth St. Company manufactured the "Never-Fail" oil can. 

lyric always good.jpg (69772 bytes) The long defunct Lyric Theatre which was "Always Good" will soon be Greenfield's last remaining theatre building. For years the site has served as a retail store front. However, anyone who was around in the 1950s has lots of memories associated with this collection of bricks!

This is a "trading token" given out by Bob's Smoke Shop. At one time there were several such places where local men met to play cards. The one that comes to mind for me was Buck & Reds Smoke Shop. bobs_smoke_shop_token.jpg (14560 bytes)

methodist_church_1909.jpg (28231 bytes) The United Methodist Church of Greenfield. Located on the corners of South Street and Fourth Street.

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pennmat1.jpg (12174 bytes)

A Greenfield institution during the 1940s, 50s and 60s was Penny's Confectionary. The "malt shop" of our dreams. Generations of teens sipped cokes, gorged on potato chips and burgers, tripped the light fantastic and much more inside the walls of Penny's.

pennmat2.jpg (13741 bytes)

Jayne_Mansfield_Bottle_A.jpg (25175 bytes)

Some time during the 1950s the American Pad & Textile Company was engaged in the mfg. of these Jayne Mansfield water bottles. I recently learned that both George Foltz and Earl Dean Miller have examples of these items that were manufactured for a Cincinnati company in the late 1950s. 

Jayne_Mansfield_Bottles.jpg (46702 bytes)

Century House Sign.jpg (24489 bytes)

Left - For many years during the 1970s & 80s the Smith Tannery was utilized as an antique store and to many locals is better know as "The Century House."
Right - Tucked back in an alley off of Mirabeau St. is "Fern Hall." At one time this small building served as Greenfield's roller skating rink. 

mystery place.jpg (89630 bytes)


wch bus depot 1943.jpg (55344 bytes)

Many of you may remember when Greenfield was served by a local bus system out of Washington Court House. Here's a photo of the WCH station and the schedule listing a bus to Greenfield. 

wch bus schedule 1943.jpg (56321 bytes)

axlemasters plaque.jpg (47136 bytes)Back in the fifties a number of us got together and formed the Axlemasters Hot Rod Club. Some of the charter members I recall were Andy Hafler, Dick Easter, Buck Rooks, Vernon Stanley, Charlie McGaw, Frank Stanley, Chuck Kerr, Lowell Cohmer, Bobby "Fish" Gill, Tom Blackstone, myself and Charlie Moore. There were a number of others but my memory fails me. Several years ago the club was resurrected as the Axlemasters II and has been active in putting on an annual street rod show and other community events. The original Axlemasters had bumper plaques and club jackets made up and, I believe, they were both designed by Tom Blackstone. Several years ago I came across myaxlemasters jacket back.jpg (64259 bytes) bumper plaque and Charlie Moore recently sent me what was left of his club jacket. He had cut the back out and mounted it onto a piece of cardboard. I plan to have them matted and framed. When Tom Blackstone passed away, a former Axlemaster member donated his plaque to be buried along with Tom. Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar here are photos of the two remaining artifacts I have of that era. Hope they provoke some memories for you and if you can contribute the names of other members let me know. Click photos to enlarge.
ADDENDUM: Andy Hafler emailed me and added a few names to the above list of members. He also reminded me of the time the club loaded Buck Rook's roadster onto a farm wagon, put Rita Walker in the front seat, entered it in the July 4th parade and won $5.00. Right behind us was Leonard Johnson's garbage truck with a large American flag flyin' proudly from the tailgate!
smith tannery door plaque.jpg (52324 bytes) Historical plaque that adorns the front door of the Smith Tannery building. Click photo to enlarge.
Many small communities have an aspect of their history to be proud of. Greenfield enjoys several and one of the more important is being the home of the first, and most likely only, African-American automotive manufacturing company. The C.R. Patterson company originally set up shop in Greenfield manufacturing a variety of carriages. Later, they converted their capacities over to making automobiles, and still later, to manufacturing school buses. Here are a couple of examples that are now part of the Greenfield Historical Society's museum collection. Click photos to enlarge.

patterson buggy a.jpg (38517 bytes) patterson buggy d.jpg (53362 bytes) patterson buggy b.jpg (84589 bytes) patterson buggy c.jpg (85207 bytes) patterson buggy label.jpg (63112 bytes)

For information about the Patterson automobile visit our C.R. Paterson page.

I was going through some things and came across this group of campaign advertising from the early to mid 1970s. Hopefully this will provoke some memories for your. Click photos to enlarge.

campaign a.jpg (14179 bytes)  campaign b.jpg (13473 bytes)  campaign d.jpg (14340 bytes)  campaign f.jpg (12463 bytes)

campaign c.jpg (16193 bytes)  campaign e.jpg (15835 bytes)  campaign g.jpg (14907 bytes)

campaign h..jpg (17114 bytes)  bob_taft_for_senate.jpg (45890 bytes)

contestoga wagon.jpg (42947 bytes)

This Conestoga wagon is on display at the Greenfield Historical Society's B&O Depot building. Click photo to enlarge.
Here's our area of Ohio as it appeared in a 1950 "Ohio Highway Map" which was distributed by the Ohio Department of Highways. It's interesting to note all the changes or "what's not there." Click photos to enlarge.

road map a.jpg (194234 bytes)



spring grove dairy 7-8-1942 a.jpg (21172 bytes) spring grove dairy bottle a.jpg (13873 bytes) spring grove dairy bottle b.jpg (19903 bytes)
The Spring Grove Dairy as it appeared in 1942. The dairy was located at the north end of Fifth Street along the New Martinsburg road. Spring Grove served the diary needs of Greenfield for many years.


baptist poem 1906.jpg (50579 bytes) This poem was written on New Year's Eve in 1909. I both celebrates the coming of the new year and the growth of the parish during the old year. The author was the Reverend T.F. Carey. Click photo to enlarge.

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If you have any photos, historical accounts, tales to tell, etc. please email them to us or post them to our Message Board. 



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